Fantasy Faire 2021 : Isles of Tarrin

Sponsored by Teegle
Designed by Teager, Ketsui Naidoo and Monstaar

Resting on the winds resides a peaceful colony, a peculiar yet awe-inspiring settlement. It is springtime and the flowers are in bloom while the locals join in the colorful merriment and open their doors welcoming travellers. What surprises await you in the Isles of Tarrin?

Fun region with a village resting on floating rocks. It is well done. I went on my old Water Horse, It is so out of fashion. Lots of horsie shops on this region, but nothing for the Water Horse. But the region is of course sponsored by Teegle, so maybe I should have told myself.

I do have Teegle Pets, and I so want a something so I can pet my horses. It isn’t easy to find.

Biné’s YouTube

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