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LOTD May 30 2014

I logged into SecondLife 3/3/2007 for the first time. It was a bit confusing to begin with, knowing what to do and what the point of it all was. At the time I listened to a lot of podcasts and there was a SIM called  PodcastLand (or something like that). I spend a lot of time there. Here is Bine on that SIM:

Just hanging out

But mostly hanging out there was a lonely affair. I am on CET, and all the podcasters were on SLT, so if I wanted to meet any of them, I had to stay up late or get up early. Once I went to a CD Launch Party and later to my first ever concert in Secondlife on that island.

My first experience  with a group of people when I got fed up with being on my own all my online time was on a Magic SIM. I went to classes on witchery and magic and it was fun. There was also a tavern on their SIM, so I also learned to party virtually. One night I met a girl there who gave me a landmark to a club she went to called the Wandering Star. I went and had a great time. The Magic SIM closed and I never found out where they went or what happened to them, but it was okay because I had found my new home and family at the Wandering Star.

DJ Bine’s 1st ever Gig

A lot of stuff happened at the Wandering Star. It was happy times and drama and also where I started out DJing. The Wandering Star was also my first experience with meeting SL friends in real life. I went to Hamburg and met up with three people from the club, and we had a great week.

But things change and people change and some people just stay the same. I moved on when the dramas became too much, and my SL has been more or less drama-free since then. But the Wandering Star formed my SecondLife in so many ways, and I am really happy I got to have that experience.

Since then I have spend my virtual time travelling, loving, exploring and decorating. I go to concerts, and I shop. I find new SIMs to explore and old SIMs to revisit.

In 2013 I got my first homestead SIM – Binemist – and that takes a lot of my time in SL now. I find it a great outlet for my creativity, and I love that others also like my SIM. Read and see more here.


In the spring of 2016 I closed Binemist and gave the SIM back to the estate owner. Instead I bought my own SIM – yes Bine is now an estate owner i SL. I wanted more prims to play with, and I wanted to be able to pay LindenLab directly in real dollars without having to exchange to Linden dollars every time it was time to pay the tier.

Taken at Binemust
The new SIM is called Binemust as it’s a must to go and see


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