Binemust Platforms

Every now and then my creative juices starts flowing and I need to design a new SIM. It’s not always doable to change the ground as I some times have such a nice design there that I don’t what to take that down.

I can’t justify to my family buying a new SIM every time every time my creative juices start to flow, but luckily Binemust is a full SIM and she has a lot of prims to spare even with an elaborate build on the ground.

So ever so often I build on a platform in the sky.

Summer 2021 the wintery mountain landscape turned barren and brown and what seem like an alien landscape took over. I found some cool buildings at the D-Lab, and they seem very popular with the visitors – even the official Second Life Flickr Profile came and snapped a picture.

Winter 2020 I used the mountainous landscape again creating a winter scene on 2 levels. It was snowing as hard, and I loved all the images visitors took.

Winter 2019 was the first time I used the platform to do my winter theme, I build the scene in a moon crater with power lines running across to the North. Lots of snow of course.

A sand storm came and change the surrounds into a desert.

Vimmershavn in the desert

Vimmershavn was a very popular destination in the sky above Binemust. First it was a walled city in a mountainous and lush region.