Fantasy Faire 2023 : Nysaris

Sponsored by Belle Epoque & Harshlands
Region by Kadaj Yoshikawa & Janire Coba

Nysaris is a polytheist civilization led by the Goddess of Hope. They believed that by worshiping her and her other gods they would know peace forever. But then Ithelis, an ancient being of evil, rose from the shadows to wreak havoc on the people of Nysaris. Ithelis had been dormant for centuries but during a time of great unrest, it awoke and set its sights on Nysaris.

The Goddess of Hope called upon her followers to take up arms against Ithelis and so a great battle ensued. The people of Nysaris fought bravely but it seemed their weapons could not penetrate Ithelis’s armor. Then, the Goddess herself stepped forward and sacrificed her immortality in order to breach Ithelis’s defenses and ultimately defeat it.

Not a single soul has been forgotten, and their names are forever inlaid in the Hall of Heroes, in an unperturbed reverential silence.

Nysaris is now a peaceful town, with lush vegetation surrounding the Agora and the Temple dedicated to the Goddess of Hope. Around Nysaris, its villagers as well as visitors can stop by in the many stores, built with limestone and marble and their signature paint, to mark the location of the buildings: pale crimson for the hinterland, and blue for the seaside buildings.

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