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23. January 2022 / Secondlife

Another weekend – another shopping spree. And I went and did some cultural appropriation. But I was not the only one. So here is to diversity.

8. January 2022 / Art

Cica is one of my favourite SecondLife artists. She is also very kind and very productive. Funday is her latest installation, and I went to get a break from my inventory sorting.

7. August 2021 / Binemust
6. August 2021 / Binemust
6. August 2021 / Binemust

Inara Pey is one of the very first to visit and review my new builds, and I always find it very interesting to read her interpretations. She also takes amazing pictures. Thank you for your generosity.

2. August 2021 / Binemust
12. June 2021 / Binemust
12. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

I wasn’t sure I had time to do the Quest. RL has been very busy and I just finished exploring all the regions. But I love doing the Quest, so I’ll see if I can finish it by tonight where the Faire closes and we won’t see it again for another year.

11. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Scarlet Fey
Designed by Amethyst Ytelde and Scarlet Fey

The age of nature has long passed but Elven sensibility remains in the marrow and veins of the futuristic realm of Mithlumen. Wood and vine are mere memories amongst the alloy and silicon curves that adorn the technological evolutions of Elvenkind. Magic, however, never gives up its lifeblood, only emerges from the chrysalis of time to operate through transmission lines and neural systems that bring the city to life.

10. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Jinx
Designed by Nix Marabena

The ancient but mysteriously preserved home of powerful magic users who vanished long ago, the Amethyst Rift is a city, or perhaps a temple complex, carved into the walls of a deep fissure in the rock at the convergence of several major ley lines. The magic there is so strong that it still flows in pulsing violet waves visible even to those without second sight. Explorers have wondered for centuries over its strange glass-like walkways and suspended monoliths, and many attempts have been made over the years to discover the fate of its builders, but no trace of them remains besides their empty constructions in the Rift. One of the more credible theories concerns the only structure in the Rift that is not whole – what appears to have been a massive, free-standing stone gate sits partially collapsed in a central square.