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1. May 2023 / Fantasy Faire
26. April 2023 / Fantasy Faire

SAFE HAVEN – The Oasis Of Mana’Olana
Sponsored by ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ & ~*Telperion Design*~
Region by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Mondi Beaumont

Since the beginning of time, among all the creatures of this world, the fable of the legendary continent of Safe Haven has endured. The legend tells of the merchants trading in the barren, desolate lands, who offer all kinds of fantastic and magical things in their stores.

26. April 2023 / Fantasy Faire
23. April 2023 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Teegle
Region by Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen
A Shopping Region

Uncover the mysteries of the arcane at the Faire Lands Academy of Magic, a hidden gem in the heart of the mystical Flambois forest. Wander the historic streets, awash in a tapestry of architectural styles from medieval to art nouveau, as you navigate through the three schools of magic. Behold the iconic central hall, where the revered sun tree represents the perfect fusion of nature, light, and water magic. Surrounded by the magnificent dormitory buildings of the school’s houses, watching over the future masters of magic as they learn and grow.

23. April 2023 / Fantasy Faire
23. April 2023 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by [ContraptioN]
Region by Walton Wainwright

Nestled among the stars lies a world where machines left by long-forgotten creators have pried the secrets of the cosmos from the grasp of mystery. Strange entities have taken up artificial bodies to colonize worlds through their mastery of technology and connection to spirituality; the likes of which were previously mere whispers of myth. Take a brave step onto an Aetherpunk artificial moon and explore a congregation of seven noble eclectic and extraordinary houses.

22. April 2023 / Fantasy Faire
21. April 2023 / Fantasy Faire
26. March 2023 / Binemust
16. May 2022 / Fantasy Faire

It was not a great faire for me. I just didn’t have enough time. After Sylvuselah my time ran out, and I rushed through Brocéliande, Effervescent Clefs, Iridescent Keys, The Clouded Mountains, Necturn Moon, The Hunros Mine, Aarkenfen and Opet like my hair was on fire.