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3. March 2019 / Machinima

I have been active in SecondLife for 12 years today, and I still love it to no end. We can do so much in-world, and I want to continue to do so for many more years.

1. April 2018 / Machinima

We went to a TJ Oanomochi Concert last night, and I wanted to make a nice picture, but it never really happened like I wanted it and before we could say click, the concert was over and TJ had packed her stream away.

25. December 2017 / Machinima

I went all in for Christmas this year – at least in a virtual sense (not much Christmas in my RL (which is by choice))

7. August 2017 / Machinima
3. August 2017 / Machinima
17. July 2017 / Art
13. May 2017 / Machinima
3. December 2016 / Machinima

God Jul & Merry Christmas

29. November 2015 / Machinima