The SIMs

When I first started in SecondLife, I had no home. I would hang out with my friends at clubs and such, but when I met Michaell we rented a place together in the sky above a beautiful tropical island.

Michaell's Island
Michaell’s Island

It was a place where we could be private and we spend our time there chatting, dancing and basically making out. It was just a platform, but as time grew, I wanted to change things – as you do, so we got more prims from the owner, and I installed a skybox – a New Yorker Loft – and that was my beginning as a decorator.

Michaell and Bine buying a beach
Michaell and Biné buying a beach

Eventually the lady, we rented from, gave up her SecondLife, so we bought her plot from the estate. We spend a lot of time there – it was mostly my project, as I found that I love to decorate in SecondLife. When I got into Machinima making, my beach was one of the first things I filmed.

My ambitions grew, and I got a bigger plot on another SIM on the estate. I had big plans. I wanted to create a beach, but not like the one we had – I wanted to create a wild, Nordic beach. Somewhere beautiful and somewhere that would feel familiar to me.

Biné after the news
Biné after the news

I got part of the way, but then the Estate told me that they were closing the SIM I was on, as they were scaling down. The Estate business is not as profitable as it used to be. But the kind Estate owner told me that a Grandfathered Homestead had just come available on his Estate, and I made a good deal – also because he was sorry for putting me out.

And so the adventure of the SIMs was away. Please read about those from the submenu.