Everything has stopped

Bine is angry

I have not finished decorating my parcel yet.  I have been stopped dead in my tracks. My Estate send me a note saying that the SIM where I am, probably will close because there are too many vacancies. They offer a good deal for moving, but I am not sure what I want to do. I have little over 3000 prims and a large corner of the SIM, but if I pay a little bit more, I can get a Homestead SIM with a little bit more prims. I think it could be fun to play with more space. The problem is that the Estate has Homesteads, but they are way over prized. More than 11K Linden!!! So I am in negotiations with the Estate at the moment. If I leave now, I shall loose 40 days of tier –  if I stay  I have lost it anyways as I am dead in my tracks and have lost the inspiration to finish the decoration. The best solution for me would be if I could get the Estate to let me a Homestead for a fair prize, transfer my tier to that, and I shall be off again!

Wish me luck

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