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24. April 2022 / Fantasy Faire
23. April 2022 / Fantasy Faire
23. April 2022 / Fantasy Faire
2. April 2022 / Fantasy Faire

My favourite event in Secondlife is getting closer – another 19 days to wait. Again this year I have joined the blogger group of the Faire. I hope to get a lot of time in world to report and take pictures.

23. January 2022 / Secondlife

Another weekend – another shopping spree. And I went and did some cultural appropriation. But I was not the only one. So here is to diversity.

18. January 2022 / Shopping
16. January 2022 / Shopping

As if I didn’t have enough to sort out in my inventory, I went shopping at the FLF – Cozyfest. Almost every stall had a gift, so I went clicking and got a lot of new stuff to sort out.

8. January 2022 / Art

Cica is one of my favourite SecondLife artists. She is also very kind and very productive. Funday is her latest installation, and I went to get a break from my inventory sorting.

7. August 2021 / Binemust