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11. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Scarlet Fey
Designed by Amethyst Ytelde and Scarlet Fey

The age of nature has long passed but Elven sensibility remains in the marrow and veins of the futuristic realm of Mithlumen. Wood and vine are mere memories amongst the alloy and silicon curves that adorn the technological evolutions of Elvenkind. Magic, however, never gives up its lifeblood, only emerges from the chrysalis of time to operate through transmission lines and neural systems that bring the city to life.

10. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Jinx
Designed by Nix Marabena

The ancient but mysteriously preserved home of powerful magic users who vanished long ago, the Amethyst Rift is a city, or perhaps a temple complex, carved into the walls of a deep fissure in the rock at the convergence of several major ley lines. The magic there is so strong that it still flows in pulsing violet waves visible even to those without second sight. Explorers have wondered for centuries over its strange glass-like walkways and suspended monoliths, and many attempts have been made over the years to discover the fate of its builders, but no trace of them remains besides their empty constructions in the Rift. One of the more credible theories concerns the only structure in the Rift that is not whole – what appears to have been a massive, free-standing stone gate sits partially collapsed in a central square.

8. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Titans
Designed by Kilik Lekvoda

Saints and warriors, airborne or earthclad, living flame or flowing water, are all welcomed here on their journey into dream. Explore the mysteries of The Wandering Woods, where the Spinner of the Threads of Life gathers all into the eternal spiral of being — ever growing, ever reborn, from brilliance to shadow and back again.

4. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Abranimations
Designed by Kayle Matzerath

Featherfall is the birthplace of the fabled Fabric of Time. From its soft edges, yarn spreads throughout all realities. Visit Featherfall´s cosily woven Temples, it’s bouncy folded Country Side and meet up with a Tight-Knit community of String Theorist. Featherfall guarantees a soft landing. Please take your shoes off.

3. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Teegle
Designed by Teager, Ketsui Naidoo and Monstaar

Resting on the winds resides a peaceful colony, a peculiar yet awe-inspiring settlement. It is springtime and the flowers are in bloom while the locals join in the colorful merriment and open their doors welcoming travellers. What surprises await you in the Isles of Tarrin?

3. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire
3. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Trinity Clothing
Designed by Sharni Azalee, Kilik Lekvoda, and May Piggins

The FaireChylde Region for partying all night long! This is where our Party-Builder DJs will play to keep your feet/paws/limbs-of-some-sort dancing. The region will also host a special gacha area and the Silent Auction.

2. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Silvan Moon Designs
Designed by Bee Dumpling and Solas Enchantment

Isabella Bonny was a brash and irreverent lass with flaming red hair. After marrying a sailor in 1718, they journeyed to the pirate-infested island of New Providence, There, she fell under the spell of the flamboyant buccaneer “Bloody” Jack. So, she abandoned her husband, and together, Jack and Isabella began plundering unsuspecting trading sloops and fishing vessels with impunity. On one such skirmish, Jack was run through and killed by a merchant sailor’s cutlass. Devastated, Isabella vowed revenge for her lover’s death. Over the next few years, she assembled a fleet that was unrivaled and proceeded to plunder her way across the Caribbean Sea.

2. May 2021 / Fantasy Faire

Sponsored by Dandelion Daydreams Factory
Designed by Luna Barak and Alrunia Ahn

What awaits the curious visitor inside this gigantic nest. As you explore the myst hidden ground, popping sounds of hatching eggs fill the air. Does something slither around your ankles or is it your imagination? Is it friend or foe?