Doing the hunt

At every Fantasy Faire there is a hunt – a quest with a good story that takes you through all of the realms of the Faire. Usually it’s a quest to rid the world of Evil and to save the world. But not this year.

What happens when the Bard Queen sends a brand-new class of fae squires out on an errand?

Well, not the result she had in mind.

Gather seeds for my new healing garden, the queen said. But instead of seeds, the excited fae — who stumbled on a beehive overflowing with honey — came bouncing back with jar after jar of the sweet stuff. A little flighty, those fae. And far too fond of biscuits.

So what’s a busy queen to do? Send out a call for friendly adventurers, of course!

So we gathered all the seed and made a nice garden for the Bard Queen.

  • The Healing Garden before we begin

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