One corner done – three more to go

The SIM is coming along nicely. I have done a lot of terraforming and I have figured how I want to do the decorating. I shall make four different scenes – on in each corner. So far I have done a mountain with a church on – that looks good, but not done yet. From the mountain I have made a path down to a green corner with lots of trees and a little farm with some goats and maybe I shall let out my chickens here too (it depends on the prim-count (yes… I am counting…))

The next corner will have a spring and a stream. Maybe a bridge and then my abandoned building with some of my art, and the last corner I shall do, will be a beach. but no palms… I think all of the SIM will have a Nordic feel to it.

Lots more to do!

Please feel free to visit, and when you do, don’t mind me while I fiddle with my prims. This is the SLurl.

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