My Homestead SIM Biminist is finished. I love how it looks and the feel of the place. It’s sort of Nordic and rough coastal island with a mountain at one corner. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Here are some pictures I took this morning.

The pier is the landing point and I have added a short note about Biminist to the welcome sign.


The Ruin still houses some of the art in my inventory. It is also the area where Bjarne roams. He is a super dog – walks right through the fencing…

A few weeks ago I was in Austria again. My first time there in summer, and I was stunned by the grass fields. I tried to recreate it on my SIM. I also love to dance, so in the middle of my grass field I placed some carpets and an danca-phone. Will someone please come and dance with me?

The shadow side of the SIM holds the farm. There is a couple of goats and some chickens. They roam free, but doesn’t venture far from the farm house itself. I might get a horse too.

The coast is rugged and rough – I really should ad some waves and some foam…

I have placed the church on top of the mountain. It was the first thing I placed on the SIM after I had done the terraforming. I think it looks really good up there and it fits the SIM very well.

If you want to go and explore Biminist for yourself, you are very welcome. The SIM is open to all. You can rez stuff, if you need to, but it will be sent back to you after 60 minutes.

Here is the SLurl



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