Fantasy Faire 2022 : Living Echoes

Sponsored by Harshlands & Belle Epoque
Designed by Kadaj Yoshikawa & Janire Coba

Nobody truly leaves in Living Echoes, and nothing is truly lost.

Through the shiny halls and the crystal ponds, the elves of Living Echoes have prospered thanks to the hard labor of a united community. They let go of the tree houses of their ancestors, and decided to build a home for their own. Amidst the whispers of the trees, and the slow dance of the grass, the agitated and hasty life became a distant memory, in favour of a tranquil living.

The slow paced and quiet life of Living Echoes, though, was about to be shaken, as soon as the Unweaver managed to set its roots. Not only some of the elves, but also the native creatures and animals fell victim of this ultimate Evil. And yet the Unweaver failed in thinking that claiming those souls, they would have been completely gone and forgotten, for the love and affection stays forever, and through the never-ending stream of the city’s river, memories and reality are entwined. In Living Echoes, every victim of the Unweaver is honoured, and echoes of their lives still linger, ever present.

If you take a stroll along the bridges, or through one of the forest path, you might encounter a Living Echo. Stop by. Listen to their stories, and don’t forget them. For nobody truly leaves in Living Echoes, and nothing is truly lost.

Another beautiful place with lots of nice places to hang out and listen to the echoes. And even in this enchanted space, you find chem tails…

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