Fantasy Faire 2019 : The Dept. of Discarded Curiosities

Sponsored by Epic Toy Factory | Designed by Mayah Parx

The Department of Discarded Curiosities collects and throws about all manner of whimsical clutter. The D.D.C have a calamity of unread lists, thought up categories and stupendous amounts of tossed aside labels, a testament, however unsuccessful, to their attempts in cataloguing and organizing the wares Their work has resulted in a wonderful pandemonium of colour and curiosity.

The D.D.C. is just as the description depicts it – colourful, curios, messy and wonderful. A big mix of books, labels, candy, chocolate, tea cups. wandering trees and so much more. I’m more of a less is more kind of person, but I do love the D.D.C.

Biné’s YouTube

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