My Perception of SecondLife

This week’s Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh is thought up by my Machinima idol Draxtor Despres. I shot my 1 minute at my SIM Binemist under the surface in the SE corner where I have made a little art corner with some of the art that I have collected over the years in Secondlife. The music in the video is Alucination : Beautiful Homes that I picked up from the stream on Binemist. The stream there is a smooth mellow stream from Switzerland called Truehouse. Check it out on I have been listening to that stream for years, and I never get tired of it.

So to the Monday Meme

Meme instructions: Make a one minute video at your favourite Second Life location and/or answer the following questions and share what your perception is of Second Life. If you do a video, upload it to youtube or flickr. If you upload it to flickr, please add it to the Blog Memes Flickr Group and don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.

  1. What is your perception of Second Life? – Secondlife is an amazing place and not a game for me. It’s my creative outlet. At the moment my creative outlet is decorating and designing SIMs. It used to be playing music and being a DJ. I also love the arts in Secondlife. I truly admire the artists and creators of content and when I can I like to support their work by buying it and using it in my own designs.
  2. Do you feel the portrayal or reputation Second Life seems to have in the mainstream media is justified? – I don’t see much of Secondlife in the media. It’s very rarely in the news in my part of the world. I listen to different podcasts about Secondlife, and there I hear what others feel about the portrayal and reputation of Secondlife, but I don’t see it myself, so I can’t say that I have an opinion on that.
  3. Do you talk about your Second Life with your real life friends and family? - Yes I do. I tried to get my husband involved with Secondlife, but he never really got into it. The avatar he made then, I now use as an alt. My husband does however like to come and watch my screen when I fiddle around in Secondlife, and he loves my machinimas. I also talk to my friends about Secondlife, but they don’t really get it. What I hear most is that they don’t have time for it, and I guess that is a valid point as it does take a lot of my time too. But then I don’t watch television.
  4. What is your most favourite thing to do in Second Life? – I love the art in Secondlife. I love to explore art sims like the resent Ruins by Cica Ghost or Spankys by Romy Nayar. I love to take snapshots in-world and I find it very satisfying to go shopping for beautiful stuff I can use in my designs.

Art Corner on Binemist

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – America 05 D
Hand and feet: Slink
Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.15 – Brocade Red
Top: *COCO* Gift BandeauBikini
Pants: !gO! Pocket Pants Girl

I made Machinima

The platform in the sky is a winter scape, but I grew tired of snow…
I did take a few snapshots there:

I even made a little film where Michael & Bine dance for 30 sec.:

But I haven’t made the Film. I know it’s not good practise to film something and put the film online and then take it down, so no one can go and visit it, but nothing I can do about that now. Here’s the full film:

RezDay 2015 – Bine Rodenberger is 8 today

March 3rd 2007 I logged into SecondLife for the first time. I can’t really remember much about it apart from spending some time at an learning SIM – was it Orientation Island? I honestly can’t remember. What I do remember is that it didn’t take me long before I got enough Lindens together to buy some prim hair.

2007-04-22_Bine slapper af_002

1st snapshot I ever took in Secondlife – 2007

It took me a while too to figure out how to snap pictures in Secondlife, and this snapshot – the first I ever took in Secondlife is from April 2007. I was tempted into Secondlife by a Californian podcaster that I listened too. She has this great podcast called the Chillcast, and in early 2007 she talked about Secondlife on one of her podcasts. She was hanging out with some other podcasters on a podcast island, and I thought it sounded really interesting.

So after a little while getting prim hair and getting the feel of Secondlife, I went to the podcast island and started exploring. It was fun, but also lonely because the podcasters mostly logged in when I was asleep, but I got the taste for exploring.

2008-03-03_I Lost Gardens of Apollo_001

Hanging out in the Lost Gardens of Apollo – 2008

I don’t know how I found the Lost Gardens of Apollo, but for my 1st rezday I had made the gardens my home more or less. I used to log into Secondlife to hang out there. Bine would do yoga on the ground or just hang on one of the floating pools for hours, while I would listen to the stream at my office. In the evenings I would go dancing at the garden, and I met some really nice dance partners there. The Lost Gardens of Apollo was a magical place, but sadly long gone.

2009-03-03_Michaell og Bine krammer_001

With my favourite guy – 2009

By my second rezday I had met Michaell. We met on a beach one day, and we started hanging out together. He had a little platform over a parcel that he rented from a friend he had. This platform was the first ever place that was sort of mine and it was wonderful to have a place to be private at.

In 2009 I started DJing at a nice club called the Wandering Star. I had so much fun playing music to others, and when I had my 3rd rezday, we had a party where I DJed all Mash-up tunes and all my friends came and we danced till dawn. It was so much fun.

2010-03-03_005_3rd rezday party

3rd rezday party – 2010



Bine is 4 in 2011

By 2011 Michaell and I had moved on from the platform and renting from someone to having our own parcel on the estate. I started getting interested in decorating but I was mostly interested in DJing. I tried to get into the house scene, but I didn’t push it hard enough, and besides that my style is much more deep dub, trip-hop and lounge, and there is not that big a marked for that. And to be honest; I didn’t want it hard enough to go out and find the clubs and pushing myself.

So I just had fun DJing ones maybe twice a week at a very nice SIM called Taniz. The people at Taniz called themselves dreamers, and it seemed that my soothing sounds pleased them.


Rezday with Bjarne – 2012

The decorating became more interesting to me as time passed. I got another parcel that was just mine and where I decided on the prims that were put down. The first “thing” I got, was a virtual rottweiler. I called him Bjarne, and I’m still to this day very fond of Bjarne.


DJing at Taniz for my rezday 2013

In 2013 – a couple of months after my 6th rezday, I got my first whole SIM. It’s a homestead called Binemist, and I found out that decorating that SIM is much more interesting than anything I’ve ever done before in Secondlife. More interesting than DJing and so I hung up my headphones and turntable and left the DJ scene.


Rezday fun on Binemist – 2014

I spend most of my time in Secondlife on my SIM Binemist. I not only have fun decorating and changing the SIM, I also use it as my own private playground – although I keep it open for everyone most of the time. If you look at the 2014 rezday picture, you will see a light hanging out by the tree over the rock formation. That is a lamp from the Lost Gardens of Apollo that closed years ago. But I still remember it fondly, and I am happy that I got a little piece of it to have at Binemist.


Bine & Bjarne – rezday 2015




On the Beach at Binemist

Bine Rodenberger:

Alles Klaar went to Binemist with Caitlin

Originally posted on Dolls and Demons:

A Beach Day at Binemist

It was really, really cold … so of course, we had to rug up!!

Alles on the left is wearing:
+elua+ Fran_Blonde hair … made by Miu Edman. Currently available at The Seasons Story event, which is open until January 31st (Second Life time). NEW.
GizzA – Oversize Knit Top [Terra-Cotta Print] Size XS … made by Giz Seorn. NEW.
Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Metal Snake S

Caitlin on the right is wearing:
Jacket: erratic / neo – leather jacket / ALPHA … made by . Available now at the current round of Uber. NEW.
Pants: SkinnyJeans – Robot – REDGRAVE (@Uber)
“LoQ Hairs” Hairbase – Black
Hair: (EPOQUE HAIR) Scandal – Organic
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Medium
Shoes: [Gos] Charlotte Mary Jane Pumps – Patent – M
Neck Tattoo:Little Pricks: Tangled Web We Weave
Lipstick:(NO) High Def Cosmetics –…

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Star gazing

Awaiting Spring

Awaiting Spring

Details on Bine:
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Giz” (Type B-4) RARE from the Arcade September 2013 round
Skin: Glam Affair – Ellie skin – ( Asia ) for FLF
Earrings: Glam Affair – Baroque Earrings – Lilac to match the ribbon in the hair for FLF
Necklace: Glam Affair – Bubble Necklace Moon from Uber [Celestial]
Dress: *{Junbug}* Naomi [Sky] for FLF

Bed: :CP: Stardreamer Hanging Bed from Uber [Celestial]
Windlight: Annan Adored – Light Explosion II
Location: Binemist

The new Drax Files World Makers

Drax has just published his latest World Makers Video and it’s about a SL fashion model Absinthe. I have admired her work for a while now, so it was great to see her on one of Draxtor’s videos.

I also love this episode because I got to be part of it in a very small way. At the end Absinthe talks of the diversity in SL and Drax called out for avatars to submit RL versus SL photos of themselves. I contributed and my photo is right there among all the other avatars. I feel quite proud

SL Bine >< RL Bine

Another visit to Binemist

Another beautiful post by Spanki Moulliez about Binemist

Originally posted on Red Lotus Flower:

So a couple of days ago I made a quote post, with a picture taken at the lovely Binemist sim. This morning I went back to make some more photos for this post. A build on two levels, when you TP into the sim, you will find yourself in the underwater world. Cool, calm and blue, you can follow the path around to explore under the sea. I found a dance ball, or rather, dance ‘aloe plant’ that you can click if you want to do some couple dancing to the stream. But if you’re exploring alone, no need to be lonely, there are lots of turtles for company.  I loved the elephants, who seemed perfectly content in their under underwater home. After a while spent under the waves, I found the wooden steps up to the surface, and wandered a bit between the houses and the island and…

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Challenge #3: Izima Kaoru: Landscapes with a Corpse

This week has been a bit hectic in my RL, but also in Secondlife. Fiddling with auto-return on your SIM/Parcel/Region is something you should do with caution. So when I saw the third challenge from Vanessa Blaylock I decided it was right up my ally.

Sakai Maki in Jil Sander

Landscapes with a Corpse is inspired by Japanese fashion photographer Izima Kaoru. He is personally afraid of dying, so in his work he asks his models how they want to die. He then stages that death with the model wearing designer dresses.

The photo of Sakai Maki is from 2008.

Challenge #3

Good morning, avatar. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to contemplate the occasion and setting of your own demise. Then pick something extraordinary from your very favorite designer to wear for your departure. Then photograph it. Like Kaoru you can think in terms of 4 images: from a tight headshot, all the way out to a wide landscape panorama.

  • You can optionally write some thoughts about your departure from this world.
  • You can optionally write some thoughts about VR mortality vs RL mortality.
  • Post your images to your Blog, Flickr, etc.
  • Leave a link to your post in the comments below
  • You can optionally add your images to the Challenges 2015 Flickr group

Contemplating my own death is not something I do. That said I’m not afraid of it and I live everyday as was it my last. I have no regrets and I don’t feel I’ve missed out. In other words: I’m always ready to die.

This week was crazy and come the weekend I fell kind of dead so here is my avatar corpse in landscape

Landscape with a Corpse

Landscape with a Corpse

Landscape with a Corpse

Landscape with a Corpse

The consequence of Groups

Last weekend I was fiddling with Groups. I had an old group that I had used for ages when ever I got a new parcel. I also used it on Binemist, but it seemed that time had run past that group and I wanted to change it to a new group – a Binemist Group – and I wanted that group to be the group for the SIM Binemist. I was also thinking about maybe making a community of some sort with that group.

But when you deed a SIM/parcel to a group, you cannot change that. What you have to do is sell the parcel to yourself and deed the parcel to the new group. I googled it… I read that it was very important to turn off auto-return, which I did, and everything went according to plan. Binemist is now deeded to the new Binemist Group.

Je Suis Charlie

Thursday morning I logged in to do a ‘Je Suis Charlie’ tribute, and I noticed some balloons, someone had left behind. I flew over and thought that I could use them for my snapshot too, and I think my tribute come out very well.

After I published the photo, I thought to myself: “I must remember to reset the auto-return. Why not do it now!” And so I did. I was standing on a piece of ice with the last Polar Bears of the world and watch how first the balloons and the the bears and the ice disappeared and I fell to the bottom of the sea and saw the underwater world disappear too. I also saw massive amount of stuff coming back into my Lost & Found folder in my inventory.

That’s when I realised what I had done.
OMFG! Darn it!

Almost Empty Sim – a few bits is about to be returned

I almost called in sick to work to get started on fixing it right away, but then I woke up to reality. Not a good idea to skip work unless you are really sick, and certainly not to fix a broken hobby. Instead I closed off the SIM to anyone but group members, posted a explainable snapshot to flickr and went to work. When I got home in the evening, I was too tired to login, and the same on the Friday. But Saturday I woke at 5 in the morning – I couldn’t sleep any longer, the how-to-fix was running havoc in my head – so I got up and logged in.

I think it was probably good that I  had some time to think about how to fix Binemist. Had I gone in Thursday morning to start fixing my wrong, I think I might have made it worse. As it stands now I have replaced the platform in the sky – alas 8 meters higher than the old platform, but I hope I have sort of taken care of anyone logging in with the old landmark. I have placed a little platform where the old landmark would take you and then I placed a teleporter up to the platform’s new height.

Logging in as early as I did, Michaell (who lives on SL time) was online – watching a baseball game and hanging out before bedtime. He came over and kept me company, played the ukulele and gave advice. He is such a sweetheart

Sad song

Avatar in a Box Challenge

Avatars in a Box

I was looking at Flickr pictures, minding my own business, when a snapshot from Strawberry Singh caught my eye. I then read her blogpost and I was intrigued. Never heard of Vanessa Blaylock before, but I shall be following her blog hence forth. Vanessa pledge that all her challenges in 2015 will be inspired by an artist – living or dead. That will be interesting to follow.

Her Avatar in a Box Challenge inspired by Hugh Kretschmer‘s 2006 art/fashion piece Special Delivery where he lovingly assembles outfits and body parts in a box. That really appealed to me, so I got my friend Gora to help me, so to me this is AvatarS in a Box.