2015-09-02-Partnering Stefan_010

My new vintage partner

I have a new partner. We did the official act last night, and I took all the snapshots. I wanted to wear the wedding dress I got way back when I met Stefan (yes I know it’s crazy, but he hit me hard back then). It’s a very pretty thing with clothes layers and flexi…

Our 1st home

Time passes, things change

I have know Michaell for a very long time. He has been my rock and my no-nonsense love for so many years. We met in early 2009, and partnered 2010. We used to rush into SL to be together. Lately – like the past 16 months – Michaell hasn’t been much in SL. He would…


The Trace Too – Kylie is Back

I listened to gossip: The Last Trace – Kylie Jaxxon. I thought Kylie had passed away, but she came back. She had been very ill as she writes on my.secondlife, but now she is back, and I am so happy about that. But this makes me wonder about our online legacy and how we inform…

Bandana - Kali Headscarf - LeLutka

Bandana Day 2015

Hair Fair 2015 is over and we remove our hair to show that we care. Last year I wrote about Bandana Day, so instead of writing about that,I shall write a little bit about change. Oh, and I’ll add a nice little gallery of my Hair Fair Haul at the end of this post. I…

The Trace Too IV

The Last Trace – Kylie Jaxxon

Yesterday I saw this twit from @Wurfi 🐖 Fund Raiser for “The Trace Too” at the Commune Utopia (5am – 11pm SLT): http://t.co/KV7zVnfM28 #SecondLife #SLMusic pic.twitter.com/u4nWa2iUja — Wurfi (@Wurfi) July 23, 2015 And I thought: “Say whaaaaat? What happened to Kylie?” And it only took a look at my Flickr stream and a visit to…


SL12B is over

I really enjoyed taking part in this year’s community celebration, but not the cake has exploded and it’s all over. It was a swell party indeed. Here are my impressions My exhibit