SL12B is over

I really enjoyed taking part in this year’s community celebration, but not the cake has exploded and it’s all over. It was a swell party indeed. Here are my impressions My exhibit


MiniBinemist SL12B – the credits

As I stated in my last post – I am not a creator, I am a designer, and I have designed MiniBinemist with the great help of some of SecondLife’s best creators. Credits: When you walk past my parcel on the road on the West side of Stupendous, you’ll see Trompe Loeil – Driftwood Beach Sign…


SL12B – Let’s Celebrate

Secondlife is 12 and this weekend the community celebration SL12B opened. This year’s theme is “What Dreams May Come” and as one of the over 200 exhibitors Bine has been wearing the tag SL12 Dreamer this past few weeks. From the press release: Spanning 15 regions with over 200 exhibits and more than 600 performers,…

What SL means to me

What SecondLife Means to Me

Xiola Linden wrote a blogpost on called What Secondlife Means to Me to celebrate SecondLife’s upcoming birthday. Making Machinima is always fun, I think, and what better reason to get those creative juices flowing than SL12B. What SecondLife means to me is a way to express my dreams. I heard about SecondLife from an…


MiniBinemist on SL12B

This past week I have been on my parcel on SL12B Stupendous preparing it for the big Birthday Party. I have tried to make a MiniBinemist. It has been very difficult to cram in a full sim on 32 x 32. But I think I did it. I am not a creator, I’m a designer,…


SL12B – The Secondlife Birthday Celebration

June 21st-28th will see the Community Celebrations of Secondlife’s 12th Birthday, and I shall represent Binemist. I have applied for a parcel to show off Binemist, and yesterday I got the news that my application has been accepted. I’m hoping I’ll get an under-water parcel, but I’ll know more on Monday. I’m asking designers and…

Taske og solbriller

New Bag – Game Changer

I don’t like or use handbags in either lives. Out of necessary I use a bag in my real life – a very practical thing – but is SL I have not found any use for a bag. This new bag from Reverie looks good, so you might see Bine wearing a bag from time…