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Memories of Winter

Today I took down the winter in the Skybox. It’s time for something new – something green. I long for spring in both worlds. But my need for documentation is ever present, so here are the snapshots of the skybox… Continue Reading →

New Summer House by the Horse Field

In the January Luxe Box (my first ever Luxe Box), I got a very nice summer house from Scarlet Creative. I wanted to use it by the water, as I felt the big windows would be prefect with an ocean… Continue Reading →

LTD Decoration Inspiration : Oasis Desert Nights

I got tired of winter (I guess there is too much of it in my RL), and I wanted some heat, so I changed the rock in the sky. It’s now a Desert Oasis, and I like it a lot.

LTD Decoration Inspiration : Winter Scene

The winter edition of the LTD magazine inspired me to make a winter scene. My winter scene doesn’t really look like the scene in the magazine, but it spurred on the less to change the stone in the sky. A… Continue Reading →

LTD Decoration Inspiration : Bathroom

This bathroom decorated by Kimbra Iridescent in LTD Magazine May/june 2016 inspired me to make something light and fresh. So when I got Binemust, the first thing I started on was the beach house. I chose the L2 Studio Jamica… Continue Reading →

LTD Decoration Inspiration : Bluebell Lighthouse

The May/June 2016 LTD Magazine had a lot of inspirational piece that I used in the decoration of Binemust. I have the building Bluebell Lighthouse by Dust Bunny, and this piece in the June issue of LTD inspired me to… Continue Reading →

Decoration Inspiration : Furillen

Furillen inspires me so much. Both to go to the real Furillen in Gotland, but also to create something similar in SL. On Gotland there is a place called Bungenäs and it is sort of the same hipster place as… Continue Reading →

Binemust on Destination Guide

I woke up this morning to find Binemust as Editor’s Pick on Secondlife’s Destination Guide: What a pleasure discovery. Hopefully more people will now be vowed by the beauty of Binemust.

The Rock as Farm House

On Binemust there is a big rock floating in the sky. The past couple of months it has been a Farmer’s shop with eggs and vegetables for sale, but now winter is coming, so before it changes, I have documented… Continue Reading →

New Portal Gateway on Binemust

When you land on Binemust, you will land in a sphere from where you tp to different scenes on Binemust. All you have to do is hover your mouse near the sign that tells you the destination, and you will… Continue Reading →

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