The Trace Too – Kylie is Back

I listened to gossip: The Last Trace – Kylie Jaxxon. I thought Kylie had passed away, but she came back. She had been very ill as she writes on my.secondlife, but now she is back, and I am so happy about that. But this makes me wonder about our online legacy and how we inform…

Bandana - Kali Headscarf - LeLutka

Bandana Day 2015

Hair Fair 2015 is over and we remove our hair to show that we care. Last year I wrote about Bandana Day, so instead of writing about that,I shall write a little bit about change. Oh, and I’ll add a nice little gallery of my Hair Fair Haul at the end of this post. I…

The Trace Too IV

The Last Trace – Kylie Jaxxon

Yesterday I saw this twit from @Wurfi 🐖 Fund Raiser for “The Trace Too” at the Commune Utopia (5am – 11pm SLT): http://t.co/KV7zVnfM28 #SecondLife #SLMusic pic.twitter.com/u4nWa2iUja — Wurfi (@Wurfi) July 23, 2015 And I thought: “Say whaaaaat? What happened to Kylie?” And it only took a look at my Flickr stream and a visit to…


SL12B is over

I really enjoyed taking part in this year’s community celebration, but not the cake has exploded and it’s all over. It was a swell party indeed. Here are my impressions My exhibit


MiniBinemist SL12B – the credits

As I stated in my last post – I am not a creator, I am a designer, and I have designed MiniBinemist with the great help of some of SecondLife’s best creators. Credits: When you walk past my parcel on the road on the West side of Stupendous, you’ll see Trompe Loeil – Driftwood Beach Sign…


SL12B – Let’s Celebrate

Secondlife is 12 and this weekend the community celebration SL12B opened. This year’s theme is “What Dreams May Come” and as one of the over 200 exhibitors Bine has been wearing the tag SL12 Dreamer this past few weeks. From the press release: Spanning 15 regions with over 200 exhibits and more than 600 performers,…