Fantasy Faire 2024 : The Duskfall Court

Sponsored by Quills & Curiosities and Cryptid
Region by Dacien & Marcel Blackwood, Crow, and Lemony Nova
A Shopping Region

“Faeries are nice beings, they grant wishes. Right?” – Unknown

While some certainly do nice things and some may even grant wishes; others still play harmless pranks to fool the mortals they encounter. To most the fae are mischievous tricksters on the surface and no true threat. However the fae hierarchy stretches and grows like the roots of the oldest trees in the forest and for every bit of light and shimmer as branches raise high in the sky; there is dark and shadow as roots dig deep into the earth. The Duskfall Court is the seat of shadow and where pranks are rarely harmless. Those who abide by its laws find themselves watched over by the nobility of the court. Those who tread these woods best watch out because the woods watch back and will not hesitate to ensnare the unwary.

Pretty place – very blue and purple.

Biné’s YouTube

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