Utterly Beautiful – defying Jante

inIn my country you are not supposed to brag. You must always be modest and bow your head and say “No no that’s nothing! Really! It’s nothing!” when someone praises your work or your looks and your cooking or your photos or anything really. It’s called the Law of Jante. It is the one thing I hate the most about being Scandinavian – that and the lack of sun light in winter. I prefer to look back and associate with our ancestors the VERY PROUD vikings, but I stand very alone with that. I am trying to make a point here (I hope you can still keep up)…

I have finished (more or less) the refurbishment of Binemist, and the SIM looks stunning. I am so proud and I want to say it out loud:



It’s flooded with only the church perching high on it’s cliff being the one dry spot on the SIM – except for out at the light house… there is still a lot of trees, two dance floors, a cafe and an under water Welt where tortoises roam and other crazy stuff happens. I am really happy with how it turned out, and you are all very welcome to go and see it for yourself.

This is your taxi.

Oh and I changed the name of the blog – it seemed a bit silly just calling it Bine, so I changed the name to something more meaningful.

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