The things we do in SecondLife…

One of the amazing things about SL is the experiments you can do. Try out things you would never do in the real world. Flying and teleporting to where ever you want to go, is obviously one of the things that you can experience in world – one of the dream-like things you can never do for real. But also meeting and befriending people from all over the world – people you would never meet otherwise – is one of the things I love about SL. I once met and befriended a young man from India. That was interesting, but didn’t last long. Our lives were just too different for us to really connect, the things that troubles a young man in India was beyond this middle-aged woman from Scandinavia.

There are other things besides meeting people that makes SecondLife special. In SecondLife I own a beach and a beach house with a wonderful man from San Francisco. That would never have happened in the real world (RL as we say in SecondLife). How that came about is a long story, and one that I wrote about when Michaell and I bought the beach here on the blog (See it here).

Then I have a twin sister in Southern Germany – in RL I am a only-child. Gora and I  have often talked about how we feel like twin souls. We have so many things in common, so many ideas, feelings, wants and desires that are so alike it is some times a bit uncanny.We feel a connection, a connection we would have never felt, had we not met in SecondLife.

Another thing I love to do in SecondLife is dance all night in my stilettos. True I can dance all night in my stilettos in RL too, but not several nights in a row and one thing I never learnt was to waltz, to tango, to foxtrot, or  to salsa. I am this amazing dancer in SecondLife, and so are all the men I dance with. It is so much fun, and I some times wish I could dance like that for real.

Ballroom dancing

All of these things are so much fun, and I would love it if I could do all of them RL, but there are some things I don’t think I would do RL, and one of those things is to have rough sex with another woman. But virtually I did last night, and it was fun. To be honest I don’t think the human behind the avatar was a woman, but that didn’t’t really matter. We had fun, and it was an experience of the kind I won’t have RL and therefore extraordinarily SecondLife!

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