New PC

I tested my new super duper PC at the Home Expo this weekend. It is a good place to do it, as Expos are often very laggy – loads of prims that need to rez and often a lot of avatars. It didn’t go well. Things were rezzing really slow and movement was edgy. But then Gora logged in, and we went through my settings. The settings in the viewer are essential for a good experience. It seems that the setting Bandwidth should be set to -500 of what you bandwidth to your ISP, and LOD Factor should be 4.00. I have no idea what the LOD Factor is, but it helped. I did the same settings in the Kirsten Viewer and it helped performance with that too – but as most people I know, I am still waiting a lot in the Kirsten Viewer.

Bine and Church

I used the Kirsten Viewer for the snapshots. It demands patience, but I think it is worth it.

Biné’s YouTube

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