Hectic week both in 1st and in 2nd Life

This has been a very busy week. My 1st life has been almost hellishly busy with so much work and so much stress because things were not going my way. Happily things were going very well in my 2nd life.

The week started with a rekindling of an old friendship. Stefan and I have been friends on/off for precisely one year and when we did meet up before, we always had heated discussions about BDSM. He likes it, I don’t. I find the idea of enslaving women so degrading, I cannot stand it. This week we reached an understanding and a common ground from where we can move forward on a new level. I finally listened and heard him, and he did the same. Amazing when that happens especially on chat as that can so easily be misunderstood. Very easy indeed when the person you chat to is Austrian and not very fluent in English…

Another great thing that happened this week in my 2nd life was that Michaell and I bought some land. We have been renting from a lady that made me wear a stupid tag every time I wanted to rez anything on our platform. Lost kitten! As if! Pffff!!!! So a couple of weeks back I finally convinced Michaell it was time to get our own place, and we have been looking and contemplating and discussing what to get for what seems like forever. It has been very tedious, but this week we finally found somewhere we could agree on, and we bought our own little parcel.


Being in construction Michaell began terreforming at once! I haven’t done much yet, but think about what I want and how I want it I think I am kind of ready to do my bit now; Make the beach ours. I want lots of flowers and pines and palms and a camp fire and a little house and a hammock and and and… Another one of my little projects that Michaell likes so much. We make a good team.

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