LastNite @ PAL

This post was really hard to write, as I had problems getting my arms down… I was so excited. Claus from PAL asked me to participate in the SL part of Culture Night. Night of Culture is as huge thing in Denmark. It has been running since 1993, and the Danish Ministry of Science wanted to introduce SL to a RL audience in a 6 hour long program. PAL planned a party where RL guests from Denmark could come and see what we do in world.

DJ Bine at PAL
DJ Bine at PAL

Pop Art Lab Party Oct 15

Each year Copenhagen, Denmark celebrate Culture of Night RL. This evening all major museums and cultural orgs have open all eve/night.
As part of a SL presentation in the Danish Ministry RL there will be given tours for the RL attendees to various Art and happenings in SL.
The Pop Art Lab Party (SLurl) will be screened via projector for the RL attendees.

12:00 PM SLT DJ BRB “Dubz n Cuts”
01:00 PM SLT MommaLuv Skytower w. band
02:30 PM SLT DJ Bine “Deep House”

Biné’s YouTube

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