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This Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh is right up my ally. I love exploring Second Life but there are of course a few place that I love and that I return to all the time. The Meme instructions from Berry are simple: Share 1 to 5 of your favourite places on the grid. Here are mine:

The place I spend the most time at the moment has to be my own SIM Biminist on Mystical Falls. I just love the place and as my friend Kain says, it’s lovely because of all the space. I totally agree, if I can say so myself.

My second favourite place is Taniz. This is where I DJ and this is where I meet up with a lot of my friends. I have been coming on Taniz – a really beautiful and well designed SIM – for a good number of years now. I love it there and I love the people there.

My third choice has to be Tableau. I have been coming to this SIM a very long time – even before it turned into this bone-dry desert SIM that it is today, I have loved coming here. I often go with my best friend and SL sister Gora and we have so much fun here trying out all the crazy stuff that are everywhere on Tableau. I really love the craziness of this SIM

The Fourth choice is Cupcake Sim. This rainy French town that always takes forever for me to rez is all worth it. The shops are pretty and the street likewise. There are lots of little alleyways and there is a town square with a marked with stalls and everything. This has been a favourite of mine for a long time.

The last SIM I will share with you now is Hazardous on Misali because it has inspired me so much in my design of Biminist. It is a great looking SIM with lots of little surprises and it is also a great show room for the stuff that Mandingo Quan makes. I have used a lot of his stuff on my SIM too.

These are my top places in Second Life. Places I return to again and again. There are other places too of course, but this is my Top 5.

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  1. 28. August 2013

    I dearly love Hazardous and the Cupcakes sim. I’ll have to check out your others – I haven’t visited there yet.

    Thanks for sharing these great places :)

  2. 29. August 2013

    omgosh I have never been to Taniz and Hazardous on Misali, must visit now!

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