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Binemist, Mystical Falls; Inara Pey, September 2014, on Flickr

Binemist, Mystical Falls (Flickr)

Almost exactly a year ago
I came here for the very first time*
Looking up at the rocky island
From a boat on the waves of the Linden Sea

So might the late John Denver have written had he been in my shoes during my recent return to Binemist, Bine Rodenberger’s delightful home region. Because it was almost exactly a year ago, in September 2013, that I first visited Binemist, and it’s been a place firmly marked in my little book of places to revisit ever since.

At that time, the region had a distinctly Nordic feel to it, suggestive of a rocky coastal area and ancient buildings with a possible Norse influence. By January 2014, it had altered somewhat, leaning more towards a means of displaying Bine’s art collection, whilst still retaining a water theme and adding peaceful woodlands…

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