Abrahamstrup – The End

It was never a great success

– I never got the SIM into the destination guide. Some say there is a bug in the application form – it’s possible, but in any count I never got Abrahamstup accepted, and that does mean a lot to a region – or so I have learnt. Not a lot of avatars came to explore it. I filmed Bine exploring Abrahamstrup just so we know what it was like

I know it takes a long time to explore as elaborate as Abramhamstrup. I made the machinima of Bine exploring the SIM and it’s over 16 minutes – I cut it down to under 12, but still long.

Anyway, the consequence is that I am closing Abrahamstrup and the group associated with it. No one comes around, I hardly pop by, so why keep it. It’s going, and I shall make one last attempt to do something that will excite others and make me happy at the same time.

If I am honest, the time I have spend as a SIM owner has been the most lonely I have spend in Second Life. Maybe time to give it up and do something completely different

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