A New Binemust

Abrahamstrup was not as popular as I would have hoped. It was fun to build and I got to play with the caves and tunnels as I have wanted to do for some time.

Now is the time to try and do something another SIM designer Serene Footman inspired me to do long ago (see my post about that here). He made Furillen – a recreation of the real Furillen on Gotland in Sweden.

Another inspiring place on Gotland is Bungenäs. Bungenäs is an insel that was a military area and before that it was limestone quarry with more than 200 employees. Now the area is open to the public and it’s littered with old bunkers and a large quarry hole that is now a lake.

I am not making a copy of Bungenäs – I wouldn’t be able to, but I am very inspired by the place, and my new design for Binemust will show that.

And I am trying something new: I have placed an observatory from where the progress of the design can be observed for those who are curious. If you are one of the curious, you can visit by going here: SLurl.

The Observatory Tower

Biné’s YouTube

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