This weekend’s Loot

I try not to, but man when the weekend starts, so does all the offers and sales and events. So most SL weekends I start by doing the round – any new events that has opened, all the weekend sales – Happy Weekend, Wanderlust Weekend, The Saturday Sale, Fifty Linden Friday.

Some times something grabs my attention and I buy that too. This happened this weekend too. I went to DeeTaleZ to see their new cheek bone thingy, but ended up making Bine fat instead.

Haven’t found a fat skin for the head though – and I know the pants are too girly for this old lady. This sweater was a gift at the FLF Cosyfest

As almost all weekends I also got some cute decor. A safe by Kunst, A cute sign by BAZAR, a woodblock fireplace by floorplan, the cutest set of elephants (I love elephants) by DaD, and a bench with pelts by NOMAD.

I hardly bought any clothes this weekend. But I am just such a sucker for elephants, so had to get these

Got some cute mittens – it is January you know. The Mint coloured ones are a gift from friday. and the black pair is a gift from Yummy.

And this cute sweater from Flora was also a gift at the FLF Cozyfest.

The skirt is by Safira – I think also a gift

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