Happy Weekend & More

Another weekend – another shopping spree. And I went and did some cultural appropriation. But I was not the only one. So here is to diversity.

Ripley Braids from CAMO

I started with Saturday Sale – Scarlet Creative often have an item in the sale, and it is always very popular – I mean get at house (this weekend even a big house) for L$ 75. It’s a dead cheap. But this time I didn’t get the house – I bought the furniture fatpack instead, only to find out I had most of the furniture in there already. Oh well…

Better luck at Madpea where I got a set of bonsai trees – Two trees of a kind play the symphony of souls in sweet harmony.

At Black Sand I got a big sofa with some very naughty animations in. But even without the animations this big sofa looks good.

The Sofa

At Nutmeg I pick up a cute Wrought Iron Bed that does not fit this room at all as it is too cute, but maybe that is why it works…

A romantic bed in an alian room

The funniest and weirdest thing I bought this weekend at the Wander Weekend Sale was 4 mermaids – animesh – that I have installed in water filled crater on Bungernäs

You might find the mermaids other places too on Binemust

Biné’s YouTube

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