The Weekend Ruiner

Vanmoer makes a lot of stuff in Secondlife (I think he gets bored if he doesn’t), and he started sharing it in his In-World Group The Weekend Ruiner. I joined a bit late, and got a whole bunch of fun stuff. It’s very inspirational.

I started out with the blue hall. I thought it would be fun to put something really out of place inside, so I got Pudding in there and we did this.

In a blue hall with Pudding
In a blue hall with Pudding

I then made this series with Smækker. I wanted to use one of my favourite poses Broken Dolls from Del Mar and in the other room, I put up the Soy. Window, so I could sit and contemplate what to do with the dead Smækker.

I also found several rooms in the packs, and one of them was very inspirational – and it was also a way for me to prove at no avatars suffered during this shoot.

Biné’s YouTube

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