SL12B – The Secondlife Birthday Celebration


June 21st-28th will see the Community Celebrations of Secondlife’s 12th Birthday, and I shall represent Binemist. I have applied for a parcel to show off Binemist, and yesterday I got the news that my application has been accepted. I’m hoping I’ll get an under-water parcel, but I’ll know more on Monday.

I’m asking designers and artists if I may include their work in my exhibit and so far Haveit Neox, Cory Edo and Apple Falls have given their consents. Apple Falls has even been kind enough to donate some Hans Wegner chairs, which I think is so amazingly generous. I love Hans Wegner’s super classic design – so very Danish, and it is fun that Apple Falls has created a virtual chair that is so similar.

Update* Since yesterday Sasaya and Charlotte Bartlett has agreed to let me use their design on my exhibit. That makes me very happy, as I use both Happy Mood and Scarlet Creative a lot on Binemist. It would be hard to make a good Mini Binemist without those.

Practising at home
Practising at home

Biné’s YouTube

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