Rig Torok Visited Binemust

In a number of posts Rig Torok displays the beautiful snapshots he took on his visit to Binemust.

You can find all Rig’s pictures from Binemust on his flickr page in this album SL- Binemust 2019

First off Rig visited The Campsite SL – Binemust 1 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The campsite is under water, and when Rig visited it was also under ice. Here you find tents and caravans, you can practise yoga with the naked guy, you can have a picnic, drink beer or have a coffee.

Rig went to the Old Square on his next stop: SL – Binemust 2 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The Old Square is run-down place under the surface that could use a clean-up. That doesn’t happen though as the people who moved in like it a bit rough and distorted. I must admit, it does hold a certain charm.

Next up is the Waterford: SL – Binemust 3 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The Waterford is where I play with different interior design. The rooms in the Waterford is very rough with the concrete texturing, and it is fun to ad different things to the room and get that feeling of how much a room can change just by applying different stuff to it.

Rig also took a small detour to the anchored submarine just outside the Waterford. In there is works of art by Bryn Oh, Rose Borchovski and Cica Ghost

Enough of the under the surface place; Next up is the Castle: SL – Binemust 4 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The Castle nests on a small cliff and it holds lots of very interesting rooms with lots of surprises. You wouldn’t know it just by looking at it.

Rig went on to visit the Skybox: SL – Binemust 5 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The Skybox changes all the time, and the Skybox that Rig visited is no more.

Next stop is back on the ground. Rig went to the Ware House: SL – Binemust 6 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The Ware House sits high over Binemust on a massive cliff. It’s a bar with living quarters above it.

Next to the Ware House is the Beach House. Not really a Beach House as it is also located high above the ground on a massive cliff – but not as massive as the cliff where the Ware House rests.

SL – Binemust 7 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019 – The Beach House is like a basement or loft; full of old junk. The platform is good though – lots of room to hang out with your friends.

The next place to visit is the Farm House: SL – Binemust 8 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The Farm House is a house on poles next to a field where Highland Cattle graze, and right next to a small forest. It’s a pretty little spot

For the Destination Guide I made a parcel called Winter Binemust. That is where Rig went next: SL – Binemust 9 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

For Christmas it was a place where you could buy your Christmas tree, but as winter went on, the place changed to hold a cute house where Cica Ghost artefacts found a good space. The parcel Winter Binemust has since been removed.

Vimmershavn SL – Binemust 10A for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019 & SL – Binemust 10B for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

Vimmershavn is more or less a full SIM in it’s own right. It’s an abandoned city surrounded by lots of sand. You could say that it is in the middle of the desert. Rig took many pictures and he spread them on two post.

For the next post, Rig goes under the surface again: SL – Binemust 11 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

The Art Garden is a small half walled-in garden where I display some of the art I have collected over the years. Here is art by Cica Ghost, Bryh Oh, hide Mint. Paco Pooley, Haiveit Neox, aki69, Elicio Ember & Halo.

Rig goes to the Beach: SL – Binemust 12 for Map Region (131/155/717) – 2019

Sadly Rig never really made it to the Beach. It has made me revise how to lead the visitors to the beach. But I love his pictures from the Oria Beach Hut.

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