POST Suntaks Gamla Kyrka

Before I changed my parcel to the Arty Bine Beach, it had a very nice church on it made by POST (SLurl). I love anything from POST but the church is special. I had wanted a church to put on my parcel for a while as I think the idea of using the church as a living space is very interesting and exciting, even in the real world. But it is not easy to make possible in the real world, but in SecondLife anything is possible.

POST Kyrka
POST Kyrka

I made a video, Machinima of Bine wondering in front of the church and inside it. it is rich in detail and she wants to show it all off.

The coolest thing about the church is that you can find in the real world in Sweden.

RL Kyrka
Suntaks Gamla Kyrka

Van Auster has made his SL copy very true to the original, and I would love to go and see the real thing in Sweden. It would be fantastic, I think, and Sweden is not so far away. I think I shall go one day very soon. I’ll let you know how that pans out.

Biné’s YouTube

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