One night with Gora

Last night was Tuesday. Tuesday is Gora Night. Tuesdays and Sundays are usually the days when Gora is in world. I was very happy to hang out with her last night. I normally am very happy to hang out with her, but last night in particular. Things blew up with Stefan. We ended our SL friendship, and I killed the alt I had made for him. We will try to keep our friendship in the real world, but I am not sure we can. Time will tell. So Gora kept me sane last night – and I didn’t even tell her…


We met up at an amazingly beautiful SIM, Gora had found. First we thought it was an art SIM – it was Italian and none of us are any good at that, so we couldn’t read the notecard. But as we went through the levels of the SIM, we realized it was a political comment to the situation facing Italy and Europe as a whole. One level showed a fascist meeting, the next level showed the boat refugees and then you land on the ground and you see this massive wave of people hammering into the coast of beautiful antique scenery. We loved it. You can find it here, for as long as they keep it going.

When we had seen everything, Gora asked what we were doing next, and I suggested a nice shop.

Deviant Girls' Main Shop

In fact the “deviant girls’ main shop” is not really a nice shop, but it is fun, and the SIM it is located on is a very nice SIM. We did some window shopping, and then went round the SIM exploring every inch of it. One of the things we love to do, is click everything and sit everywhere, and there are lots of fun things to do on this SIM. We played cards. We got sprayed by the lawn sprinkle. Gora climbed a tree to a tree house and had a nap with a beaver, and I served coffee.

Girl Talk

At the end of play we sat down by the rainbow and talked about Easter and crashing computers and gadgets and making video. Stuff that interests us. We also went for a dance which was nice, but then Gora spotted a chapel on the top of the hill, so we flew up and had a look.


I remember seeing these chapels on hill tops in Southern France, but I don’t think they would have Madonnas like this one in Southern France. But then again, you never know.

Sleeping beauties

The night ended very peacefully in a lot of flowers where we talked about cars and fixing cars and selling cars and oldtimer cars.

I think we have a unique friendship, Gora and I. It suits me. Not too much talk about feelings and relationships and all the shit. She is a very private person, and she doesn’t really want to know, and that suits me just fine.

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