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I have change the skin on Bine. It doesn’t happen very often. You get used to how your avatar looks and changing the skin can be difficult because it can change the way your avatar looks and that can make you distance yourself from the avatar. My last skin – the one I have been wearing for years – was eStyle Rome, but I think eStyle left SL. The shop has gone and no one develops to eStyle. The designers who make mesh feet and shoes and hands and ears and tits and you name it, often make HUDs so you can easily match the product to your skin tone, but if your skin is not part of the HUD because no one uses it anymore, you have to match your feet (or whatever) manually and it is really hard work.

So I went looking, and I fell in love with Glam Affair and I chose the Amberly Jamaican skin. I think Bine looks kinda cute in this skin, so I think we’ll stick with that for a long long time.

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