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This week’s Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh is thought up by my Machinima idol Draxtor Despres. I shot my 1 minute at my SIM Binemist under the surface in the SE corner where I have made a little art corner with some of the art that I have collected over the years in Secondlife. The music in the video is Alucination : Beautiful Homes that I picked up from the stream on Binemist. The stream there is a smooth mellow stream from Switzerland called Truehouse. Check it out on I have been listening to that stream for years, and I never get tired of it.

So to the Monday Meme

Meme instructions: Make a one minute video at your favourite Second Life location and/or answer the following questions and share what your perception is of Second Life. If you do a video, upload it to youtube or flickr. If you upload it to flickr, please add it to the Blog Memes Flickr Group and don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.

  • What is your perception of Second Life? – Secondlife is an amazing place and not a game for me. It’s my creative outlet. At the moment my creative outlet is decorating and designing SIMs. It used to be playing music and being a DJ. I also love the arts in Secondlife. I truly admire the artists and creators of content and when I can I like to support their work by buying it and using it in my own designs.
  • Do you feel the portrayal or reputation Second Life seems to have in the mainstream media is justified? – I don’t see much of Secondlife in the media. It’s very rarely in the news in my part of the world. I listen to different podcasts about Secondlife, and there I hear what others feel about the portrayal and reputation of Secondlife, but I don’t see it myself, so I can’t say that I have an opinion on that.
  • Do you talk about your Second Life with your real life friends and family? – Yes I do. I tried to get my husband involved with Secondlife, but he never really got into it. The avatar he made then, I now use as an alt. My husband does however like to come and watch my screen when I fiddle around in Secondlife, and he loves my machinimas. I also talk to my friends about Secondlife, but they don’t really get it. What I hear most is that they don’t have time for it, and I guess that is a valid point as it does take a lot of my time too. But then I don’t watch television.
  • What is your most favourite thing to do in Second Life? – I love the art in Secondlife. I love to explore art sims like the resent Ruins by Cica Ghost or Spankys by Romy Nayar. I love to take snapshots in-world and I find it very satisfying to go shopping for beautiful stuff I can use in my designs.
Art Corner on Binemist

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – America 05 D
Hand and feet: Slink
Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.15 – Brocade Red
Top: *COCO* Gift BandeauBikini
Pants: !gO! Pocket Pants Girl

Biné’s YouTube

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