The Reward of Meeting SL friends for Real

I’m away on holiday at the moment. I’ve gone to the Alps to visit my friend Stefan. We met years ago in Second Life. The first night we met, we sat and chatted for hours which isn’t normal for me. We found that we had much in common, and I must admit I loved how his avatar looked. Strong, independent and different.

First conversation with Stefan
First conversation with Stefan

We would hook up on and off in-world after that, and at some point we started chatting and eventually  talking outside of Second Life. We talked about all sorts and we decided to meet up in the real world. I asked my husband if it would be okay if I went to meet Stefan on a holiday, and he gave the green light.

2011 Morf

That was in 2011. I’ve gone to the Alps to visit Stefan for a week’s holiday every spring since. This is in other words my fifth visit, and we still have lots to talk about. We share the love of the mountains, we hike and we go shooting, and we eat a lot of cake.

Stefan is not the first friend from Second Life that I have met in the real world, and I would recommend anyone to take the step and experience it. It’s fun and it can also be very rewarding. But one should of course take care – meeting someone from Second Life is after all meeting someone from the Internet.

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