My new vintage partner

I have a new partner. We did the official act last night, and I took all the snapshots. I wanted to wear the wedding dress I got way back when I met Stefan (yes I know it’s crazy, but he hit me hard back then). It’s a very pretty thing with clothes layers and flexi prims. It’s so old, and I don’t know who created it. It has a nice veil, and a massive chain over the breasts. It seemed fitting for when I met Stefan, and since I have kept the dress for all these years I wanted to wear it. And it went well with Stefan’s vintage outfit.

2015-09-02-Partnering Stefan_007
Vintage Bine & Stefan

It may look like I un-partnered Michaell so I could partner Stefan. It’s partly right. Except that Michaell and I have been more very good friends (with benefits) than real partners for a number of years now. It seemed cool to keep Michaell on as partner because we have been partners for so many years, and because it helped keep the drama at bay.

When I met Stefan, Michaell and I were lovers, but we weren’t partners. I really fell for Stefan, but his SecondLife was totally fucked up drama upon drama, and that seemed to go on and on and on. He is such a lovable guy, and super helpful and protective, so it’s no wonder really that the girls love him so much, and fight so hard to keep him. So my relationship with Stefan has mainly been RL and with his female alt for all these years.

A couple of years ago Stefan left Secondlife. The drama tired him out, I think. We could hang out as alts. It was okay, but not really the same. Last week Stefan decided to come back. His dramas had cooled off. None of his friends contacted him, and he declared himself ready to commit. I’m very happy about it, but also a bit vary. Maybe the dramas will find him again… Anyways I jumped the gun and we were partnered up Tout Suite, and we had a nice little session on the beach.

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