Lost Garden of Apollo is now truly Lost

I have loved the Lost Garden of Apollo. It was one of my favourite places to hang out when I started logging in to SecondLife. I haven’t been there much lately, but I still liked to revisit from time to time when I felt I needed something familiar and calm. But that option is no long possible.

I bought one of the lanterns of Apollo a while back. I am glad I did now. It is as pretty as the SIM and I love watching it.

Apollo Light

Biné’s YouTube


  1. Samlowry hawks
    26. June 2011

    Please keep a space in your heart for this place: it was made for, having an haver in real or virtual….
    We all are so sad believe me: the sun shine outside but i see clouds everywhere…..
    Kisses from france
    Samlowry hawks estate manager of rip ” the lost gardens of apollo”

  2. Bine
    17. July 2011

    Yes it is very sad. I have always loved The lost garden of Apollo. In fact I think it was the place in SL that captured my heart and made me login again and again.

  3. […] found a nice place to hangout beginning of 2008. The Lost Garden of Apollo. I would do Tai Chi with a bunch of others and listen to the music and chat to the others. It is […]

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