Hiding out

On my back
Prefered pose

This image is a pretty good representation of how I feel RL at the moment. I prefer to be on my back… Protected in a shelter wearing combat boots and kneepads.

I have some issues with my tailbone. I can’t really sit down in front of the computer for long periods at a time. That makes my word-day somewhat hard, as I work in an IT department. Luckily I can raise my table so I don’t sit in front of my computer, I stand, and that means that my days at work are exhausting at the moment.

My boss has furthermore decided that we have to go round the office and talk to all the users. Stand next to them and help them with any IT issues they might have. It’s a super idea. Users love it. But I often feel under attack – I’m sure you know; It’s amazing how we, as users, can bitch about systems!

So when I come home to my flat, I spend rather a lot of time on my back on a nice comfy sofa, staring into the ceiling.

But I miss my SecondLife. I have a big arse desktop gaming computer luckily on a table that I can raise, but I don’t really feel much like spending whole evenings stand there – I prefer to be on my back when I am at home (I have someone who likes to cook for me, don’t worry). I also have a MacBook, but it’s not really very good in SL. But I found SLGo. That is brilliant for shopping and exploring on the Mac. I haven’t figured how to fiddle with stuff lying on back, but I can explore and shop.

So earlier this week I went to Uber. I like the theme. It suits my mood.

Hair: AD – 42 – light reds – Bought at the Hair Fair
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Green Tourmaline Shadow, w3)
Skin: Glam Affair – Glam Affair – Lilith – Jamaica 01 D
Romper: …Mutresse… Ebele Romper – 12 Colors *add me* fra Fameshed tror jeg
Jacket: *COCO* CroppedBikerJacket Black
Kneepads: *COCO*_KneePads from Uber
Boots: *COCO*_Lace-UpBoots_DarkBrown Uber
Bed and shelter: [Con.] Jack’s Bugout Shelter – Skybox Furnished  from Uber


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