Flickr Picnik is gone…

For a long time I have edited my Flickr photos with the tool that Flickr provided called Picnik. I loved the tool as it provided a quick and easy way to edit photos in a very individual way. You could tweak you effects as much or as little as you wanted. You could add text in different fonts. Like I did on this picture on Thursday

Bines Profile pictureThe new tool – Aviary – doesn’t have the same features, and it seems to be a really sad replacement for Picnik. Just a couple of minutes after I had edited my new profile picture with Picnik, I uploaded a snapshot I made with Michaell to work on, and then Picnik had gone. So I tried the new tool – Aviary – and here is the result:

Aviary editI admit that it looks pretty good, but there is no way to edit anything. It reminds me a little bit of instagram that I use on my iPhone, where that works fine, but for my SL pics, I would like to be more in control.

I am not sure I will use Aviary in future. I found that PicMonkey offers what Picnik did before, so I might take my picture by PicMonkey before I upload them to Flickr in future. We shall see…

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