Fantasy Faire 2021 : Paer Thura

Sponsored by Safe Waters Foundation
Designed by Lilia Artis, Silas Merlin and Haveit Neox

At ocean level a hill island protects the cave within, where the art exhibit is located. In front of the cave is a generous terrace of soil and large walls of stone for the landing area. A series of hot pools skirt the island, and serve as a path from one region to the next. There is also a side path leading down into the ocean, bypassing a sinking island upon which a magnificent structure lays half submerged. At the bottom of the sea is a large plaza, surrounded by the arms of an ancient temple.

The Arts & Entertainment Region made by Lilia Artis, Silas Merlin and one of my all time favourite artists Haveit Neox. And the region does not disappoint. It is magical as ever – above as well as below the water surface.

We went to Paer Thura for the Fairelanders’ Masked Ball, but the region is also worth exploring for it’s own merit.

Biné’s YouTube

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