I took Bine to esplore Delicatessen. I have read about it on Ziki’s Blog, and I wanted to see it for myself. Delicatessen is a project of Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu who created it to celebrate Meta_Body II. Meta_Body is a great opportunity to acquire some fantastic avatars for free and to explore a great SIM.

Delicatessen is divided into stages. When you get there, you land on the ground with a big tree and some strange creatures roaming the ground. Bine got to float in one of the buds on the tree. A lot of the buds on the tree contain free avatars for you to take.

Bine on delicatessen

There are four different stages on Delicatessen. The second stage is a dark room where you can see the avatars in elaborate pieces of art on the walls. If you look carefully on the snapshot below, you can just about see Bine as the chess avatar on the chess board. The installation is huge.

Stage 2

The third stage is a steam punk. It is very nicely done. You seem to be walking on air, and the avatars are funny steam punk, see-through character, but I didn’t snap a picture there. Steam punk doesn’t interest me, so I didn’t get inspired. But the forth stage is all floating and strange, and the avatars there are very odd indeed. I love odd in Second Life.

Erato Fractal

This is Erato Fractal by Fuschia Nightfire. She is beautiful.

 Visit Delicatessen

Biné’s YouTube

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