Calas Galadhon’s Valyria

View of the City of Valyria

Every year the creators of Calas Galadhon Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith create a SIM in October for Halloween and another SIM in December for Christmas. The Halloween SIM Valyria (SLurl) is online right now. It is an amazing build. It’s dark, but you can pick up a flash-light at the entrance, and that is a really good idea to bring with you as you enter the dark caves.

Gora and I went this morning, and we had a lot of fun. There are two levels on the SIM. The ground level where the City of Valyria, The Pyramid  & surrounding countryside and two tours will be found. We took the boat ride and we rode the dragon.

To reach the second level you have to find the portal – we found it easily as there are lots of signs everywhere. You can’t miss it really. The portal will take you to the Wall and from there you can enter the Cavern  that will be the place for all live performances during October.


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