Burn 2 – A Community Celebration

Today is the third day of this year’s BURN2 –  a celebration of community, art and fire in the spirit of RL Burning Man.

Burn2 Transpotation

Gora and I always go and explore BURN2 together. We always have a lot of fun. BURN2 is big. This year it is spread over 6 SIMs, and there is a lot to see. Some pieces from well-known artist, some from up-and-coming artists, and some from regular folk with a creative streak.


The pieces are very different. Always something to click so you can interact with the art – and we really love that. Among other things we took part in an act on a very colourful stage.


We also went to something so imaginative and funny; A pyramid of old containers where pigs escape to. Inside the pyramid is piggy God that reminded me of The Muppet Pigs In Space.


But you have to go and see that for yourself.  Here is your taxi: SLurl.


One thing that is different this time compared to earlier years: Hardly anyone is there, so the lag is bearable. It was something Gora and I discussed and we can’ figure out why more people don’t go. BURN2 is fun and exciting and amazing and funny. You really should go.


Biné’s YouTube

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