Building something new

After winter I took down Winter Binemust, and time passed. I spend time going through my inventory, watering and feeding the horses.

Watering the horses

But now I am ready to be creative again. My idea was to use the same Skewed Mountains from Landscapes Unlimited as with Winter Binemust, but instead of the winter try out the desert one. Something rough and barren yet with signs of life none the less.

I went to some event – I do that a lot – and my eye was fixed on the D-Lab Sky Pirate Iron Wall.

It is an impressive build, and I wanted it to be my focal point of the new build, but as it often goes with gachas, I didn’t get everything, and when I had started I got too mean to buy the full set. But no matter – the parts I didn’t get, I altered and my Sky Pirate Iron Wall is a Bine Rodenberger solid design. Not seen anywhere else on the grid!

Biné’s YouTube

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