Bine’s Beach

So I filmed Bine’s beach and then I went to Neva River – a private SIM – and got inspired to do something new with Bine’s beach. Neva River is a nature SIM with nice surprises. The nature is Nordic and I thought it was very beautiful. I found out that she had used parts from exterior designer Alex Bader, and that I could do something similar. But I felt my parcel needed more space and luckily the parcel next to mine was empty so it was doable. I contacted the Estate, bought the parcel and started taking everything down.

Bine's Extended Beach

It’s like a blank canvas, and I realize it will take some time to finish. But I have fun, and I love fiddling with stuff.

I turned my attention to the mountain range to the North. The SIM is set so when you raise the ground over a set hight, the texture turn into cliffs and it has been good enough so far, but now I have had my eyes opened to the mesh Rocky Cliffs of Skye Studio, and I started at the far end of the parcel, setting up the cliffs and I also worked on the stream running through the parcel. I lined it with the deep version of River Bank. It looks fabulous.


The trees are from Lilith Heart’s store. I think she has the best looking trees in SL. She also has amazing grass and I shall probably put grass up too.

To the West I have started on the beach. Still using the cliffs but also the Beach Dune Building Set and Beach Building Set, I have managed to get a really pretty sunset beach. I integrated Driftwood Beach Den into the dunes to a perfect place to hang out.

I can see that I still need to do some smoothing work, but I really like it already.

I still need my quirks though – even when I work on decorating the beach – so I have put up the tree with the knitted trunk and a Bryn Oh figure that I picked up at the Fashion For Life a couple of weeks ago. I put a nice hammock from Cheeky Pea between them. It’s just a but of fun…

The Beach

Biné’s YouTube

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