Bandana Day 2014

Bandana Day
Bandana Day

Today is the last day of the Hair Fair in SecondLife, and the tradition (long tradition that goes all the way back to 2007 – a life time in SL) has it that this is Bandana Day. We remove our hair to show that we care. The Hair Fair is a big thing in SL. All the great hair designers create hair where a percentage of the sale goes to the American charity Wigs for Kids.

Bandanas are sold on the Hair Fair and all the proceeds go to Wigs for Kids. Bandanas are created from people all over SL, by creators, bloggers and Second Life residents. This is my second year doing the Bandana Day, and I think it’s fun. This year I got this beautiful wrap from LeLutka. Last year I got to dance with Michaell on Bandana Day – this year sadly I am on my own.

On the matter of Michaell; He wrote me that he is taking a break from SL. I think he is bored with it. He plays Guild War instead. Maybe I could catch up with him there. We still keep in touch on email, and I am really happy I met him. I have a great friend in Michael.

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  1. […] Fair 2015 is over and we remove our hair to show that we care. Last year I wrote about Bandana Day, so this you I shall write a little bit about change. Oh, and I’ll add a nice little gallery […]

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