Biné Rodenberger

Biné Rodenberger

Bine lives in the virtual world Second Life where she has fun decorating her SIM Binemust, sharing her joy with others and exploring the metaverse. Bine also blogs about Second Life and Binemust

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6 years – then and now

Then and now

Bine is 6 years today – it is our rezday. My friend Ali inspired me to make this picture. The snapshot on the left is the first snapshot I ever took in SL. I had made the shirt myself and the hair was the first thing I ever bought in world. Both Ali and I are so impressed with how much SL has developed over the years. We have better hair, better looking skin, clothes are fancier, and the the world looks better too. Better textures – more depth, shadows and light. Designers and developers evolve too. I wonder how SL will look in another six years.


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