#410 The box opened

Nice fashion post uses Binemist as back-drop


Two outfits to show you today from [EvelineInTheBox] courtesy of the We Love To Blog Group. Both of these outfits are for The Alchemy Event (January 1-20). After blogging about Eveline’s outfits for six events in December, I opened this Bloggers’ Pack with great interest and anticipation and was not surprised to find such lovely items yet again!

For the photoshoot I went off to Binemist, an unusual combination of an underwater world, a flooded ground level where the photos below were taken, and a huge sky platform. You move between them by teleporting. Binemist is owned and decorated/landscaped by Biné Rodenberger. Yet another fascinating place I will have to revisit!

My hair is another new release for 2016 by Alli & Ali Designs, Almeda Hair (#5)


This gorgeous mediaeval style gown is reminiscent of Morgaine le Fay of Arthurian legend with its wide corset style laced belt and slightly trumpeted long…

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