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Whitburn did another post from Binemist. This time it is a landscape post in her series Beautiful Places.


I have used Binemist for fashion photoshoots a couple of times now and finally managed to find time to return to take a series of landscape photos for my occasional Beautiful Places series. It is a combination of an underwater world, a flooded ground level with a number of buildings and artefacts, and a sky platform curently in snowy winter raiment. Moving between them is done by teleporting. The region is is owned and decorated/landscaped by the clearly very talented Biné Rodenberger.

My purpose in doing this series is not to take landscape ‘snapshots’, I’m much more pretentious than that 😉 I try to find an unusual or interesting object or viewpoint, seek out the best angle to shoot it, then experiment with Windlight to attempt to find a setting to enhance the view. Experimenting with Windlight also consists of taking existing presets (from Firestorm) and modifying them to see if I can get a better result for my requirements…

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